Fundraising strategies for culture and creativity-led placemaking

With Dr.  Andrea Caracciolo di Feroleto, School of Fundraising 

T-Factor Learning Series

T-Factor Learning Series is a programme of training and capacity-building dedicated to the topic of transformative temporary uses in urban regeneration. On June 28, we organized the webinar “Fundraising strategies for culture and creativity-led placemaking”, a session focused on exploring fundraising strategies, approaches and tools for the retrieval of financial resources in the cultural sector.

The webinar was delivered by Scuola di Fundraising di Roma, and led by Dr. Andrea Caracciolo di Feroleto,  senior lecturer of the Scuola di Fundraising di Roma and current member of the Certification Committee of EFA, the European Fundraising Association. During the session, Andrea Caracciolo explained how fundraising works, and how to build a successful fundraising strategy, identifying opportunities and understanding the different models of agreement between donors and cultural projects.

The webinar is now available:

Through the Learning Series programme, T-Factor seeks to create opportunities to share transversal knowledge, tools and case studies useful to implement temporary use initiatives within T-Factor local pilots. At the same time, the purpose of these sessions is to contribute to the creation of an international community of practice in this field.  As such, most of the learning and knowledge sharing moments are not only addressed to the T-Factor pilots and the project partners, but also to other agents interested in urban regeneration and temporary urbanism.