La Friche was born out of the ashes of the Seita tobacco factory and today it is a place of creativity and innovation. It is both a working space for the 70 on site organizations (400 artists and creatives who work there every day) and a place for cultural dissemination and events (600 events each year on average, from youth workshops to large-scale festivals). With over 400.000 visitors a year, la Friche la Belle de Mai is a multi-faceted public space comprising a sports area, restaurant, 5 concert venues, shared gardens, a bookshop, a crèche, 2400 m2 of exhibition space, a 8000 m2 roof terrace, and a training centre, all sustained by a diversified business model. On this new cultural urban site, we imagine, create and work to ensure that every idea can find an outlet.

Friche la Belle de Mai has adopted a collective governance model (SCIC) constituted by a multi-shareholding (operators located on the site, public and private partners, inhabitants of the district, employees) to assert themselves as an innovative place of dialogue and of co-construction. The cooperative society is at the heart of an ecosystem made up in large part by the 70 permanent resident operators installed on the area. Their different nature and scope of activity makes it possible to articulate missions of general interest and economic dynamics. The cooperative society has 60 permanent employees working in the fields of management, communication, engineering, technology, maintenance, communication, marketing and mediation.

SCIC manages the cultural and urban project of the Friche la Belle de Mai around 3 axes: transformation of the site on the basis of a management master plan; land and property management of the site; and animation and coordination of the cultural, social and economic project deployed on the Friche area.