Meanwhile Thematic Interventions: An urban practitioner’s guide

A guide dedicated to co-creation and thematic intervention in urban regeneration

Over the last four years, the T-Factor project has developed pilot strategies and experiments of temporary uses within broader interventions of urban regeneration at Amsterdam Science Park, Aleksotas Kaunas, Euston London, MIND Milan, Trafaria Lisbon, and Zorrotzaurre Bilbao. Embracing a mission-oriented approach, the pilots have explored diverse co-creative and participatory temporary uses during interim phases of urban regeneration, with the ultimate purpose of informing and influencing institutional decisions and development pathways towards more inclusive and equitable outcomes and impacts of urban regeneration. 

This guide delves into how temporary use can catalyse locally rooted yet internationally connected communities of practice, bringing together local practitioners and international experts to discover new ways of working together around local missions in urban regeneration. 

The guide is structured around the six key themes  based on Pilot concerns as articulated throughout these collaborations. It includes methodologies, practical activities and learnings related to each one of them:

  • Greening, biodiversity & urban wilderness
  • Circular & regenerative practices
  • Cross-sectoral alliances for new knowledge & skills 
  • Local identity & heritage 
  • Safety, conviviality & liveability
  • Inclusive engagement & rights to cities


This publication is designed as a practical toolkit for implementing innovative thematic crossovers to tackle local innovation challenges. It offers actionable insights and content to empower practitioners to implement thematic interventions within their own context. The aim of this toolkit is to inspire practitioners to embrace new approaches and enhance existing ones, thereby enriching the transformative impact of meanwhile use in creating inclusive and sustainable cities that benefit both people and natural environments.