Participatory Futures

A guide to mission-oriented temporary use in urban regeneration

Developed by the Horizon 2020 T- Factor project, this guide is the result of more than three years of research and experimentation with temporary uses across a diversity of European cities and urban areas, exploring the role that these practices can have in making urban regeneration more inclusive, socially innovative, and environmentally sustainable.

These guidelines provide a comprehensive set of methods and tools for designing and delivering temporary or meanwhile use strategies in the context of urban regeneration plans and processes.

Within these guidelines, we present the main concepts, methods and tools that we have explored and applied in T-Factor across the regeneration cases (or pilots) targeted by the project. By sharing the way T-Factor approached temporary uses and the main successes and failures on the ground, we hope for these guidelines to contribute to more transformative approaches in urban regeneration. With their prototyping and experimental character, temporary uses can be viable tools to enable collaborative and participatory placemaking that can in turn unlock wide capacity-building for transformative impacts in urban regeneration.