Tzoumakers: The birth of an open source agricultural community

Photo credits:  Nicolas Garnier,

Tzoumakers is a community of farmers, activists and makers coming together in a makerspace located in Ioannina (Greece) to cooperatively design and manufacture tools for small-scale agricultural production. The vision is to create such sites in both villages and cities where citizens may seize technology into their own hands.

In this T-Factor podcast, Nikiforos Tsiouris, a PhD candidate at Tallinn University of Technology and a Core Member of the P2P Lab research collective in Greece, talks about the steps that Tzoumakers have taken to establish a local community and the relevant protocols to manage their common resources. Based on values such as openness, transparency, and inclusivity, these “protocols” may offer useful insights for other initiatives that aim to develop similar communities.

This episode is moderated by Vasilis Niaros, post-doctoral researcher at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.