Seeding activity with a class from Pareto high school

On November 14, the students of high school Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Vilfredo Federico Pareto got their hands dirty with the realisation of one of the first experimental activities planned for Herbula Garden (one of the meanwhile uses realised within the MIND area for the T-Factor Milan pilot).

The upper second class involved is developing a project, under the guidance of Prof. Sante Abbinente, about new solutions based on the from farm to fork model. Their ideas will be applied and connected to herb and flowers processing for gastronomic and herbal purposes.

The students – quite literally – sowed the seeds from a selection of six types of ancient grains from the DESR Wheat Chain (Distretto di Economia Solidare Rurale Parco Agricolo Sud Milano). 

In the upcoming months, the same students will carry on monitoring and care of the planted grains, as part of Herbula. In the remaining experimental cultivation lots, the class will select and sow more native plants that can be processed and used for micro-productions of gastronomic and herbal derivatives (for example oils, extracts, fermented products).