Temporary Use and Urban Regeneration: Designing Participatory Futures

Performing arts during Happening! in Manifattura Tabacchi Florence – Giovanni Sagi

(update: The videos of all the sessions are available in our youtube channel)

The European Commission is paying attention to new urban regeneration approaches through T-Factor, a Horizon 2020 project aimed at unlocking the transformative potential of temporary uses in urban regeneration

The T-factor project shares its first research insights in the freshly published Advanced Cases Portfolio, which documents highlights and stories on temporary uses within eight urban redevelopments across Europe and beyond, namely Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence, King’s Cross in London, Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille, 22@ in Barcelona, EC1 and New Centre in Lodz, Dortmunder U and Union Quarter in Dortmund, Industry City in New York and Red Town in Shanghai. More in detail, the Portfolio shows the multiple benefits that temporary uses can bring about, contributing to increase the value of masterplanning and the effectiveness of regeneration processes. 

On June 8th we will celebrate a public online event where we will discuss and share the key highlights and lessons documented through the research, together with representatives and practitioners from across the T-Factor’s Advanced Cases, as well as from some pioneering experiences across Europe.

Title: Temporary use and urban regeneration: designing participatory futures.

Date: 8th June 2021 

Join us @ Zoom (more details and link below)



10:00  |  Welcome & Intro


10:05  |  T-Factor’s Advanced Cases Research: key discoveries

• Ramon Ribera Fumaz, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya interviewed by Laura Martelloni, LAMA


10:30 | Designing strategic temporary uses: flexibility and nomadic approaches driven by culture & creativity, moderated by Alejandra Castro, TU Dortmund University

• Manifattura Tabacchi Florence: a contemporary culture project in the Renaissance city | Riccardo Luciani, Made in Manifattura

• La Friche la Belle de Mai Marseille: ‘’permanent’’ meanwhile practices to the discovery of spaces | Eva Riccio, La Friche


 11.20  |  Coffee break 


11.30 | Implementing effective temporary uses: outreach, engagement & partnerships, moderated by Rhianon Morgan Hatch, University of the Arts London

• JackU Café Dortmund: neighborhood engagement to address vulnerability | Eva Wascher, TU Dortmund University

• EC1 and New Centre Lodz: engaging youth in placemaking | Patrycja Wojtaszczyk, City of Lodz, Mariusz Granosik, Anita Gulczyńska, Anna Jarkiewicz, University of Lodz

• See U Brussels: engaging at scale across public and private actors (TBC) | Edouard Meier, Pali Pali


12.30  |  Lunch break


14.00 | Orchestrating collaborative temporary uses: governance, capacity-building and legacy, moderated by Marta Arniani, Futuribile

• Floating University Berlin: a multi-disciplinary lab to rethink the future of spaces | Gilly Karjevsky, Floating e. V.

• Les Grands Voisins Paris: a cooperative village for the urban commons | Marie Guilguet, Plateau Urbain

• Communa Belgium: Facilitating transition urbanism with social purposes, with experience in 17 sites | Maxime Zaït, Communa


15.00 | Closing reflections