Temporary means infinite possibilities – T-Factor at Placemaking Europe 2023

Real-life case studies from T-Factor will presented to show meanwhile uses at different maturity level

The experiences of Euston in London, MIND in Milan, and Dortmund U in Dortmund will be presented in Placemaking Week Europe 2023, the largest placemaking festival in Europe, that will take place from September 26th to 29th in Strasbourg. The panel Temporary means infinitive possibilities. The topic of meanwhile uses in urban regeneration will focus on meanwhile uses as a significant tool for activating the identity of both small and large regeneration projects before they begin or reach their full completion. 

The panel will explore the concepts and approaches of meanwhile and temporary uses, highlighting their major strengths and opportunities from different perspectives and for various stakeholders. It will share experiences from three relevant case studies from the European “T-Factor” project. As these case studies are in different stages of development but all implement meanwhile strategies, they will analyse their experiences of meanwhile uses and actions in their respective local contexts. 


  • Adam Thorpe, Professor of Socially Responsive Design at Central Saint Martins College, University of the Arts London
  • Valeria Soliano, Project and Communications Manager, PlusValue, and coordinator of the MIND pilot in “T-Factor”.
  • Alejandra Giron-Castro, Research Associate, Social Research Center, Technische Universität Dortmund.
  • Moderator: Valentina Zaro, Fondazione Housing Sociale.

The panel is organised by T-Factor, Lendlease Italy and PlusValue and will take place on September 28. Placemaking Week Europe is a festival focused on sharing expertise, projects and strategies, and work together with city municipalities to launch new placemaking initiatives.