The T-Factor Toolbox is up! 

We launch a collection of tools and resources for temporary uses in urban regeneration

The T-Factor Toolbox is a curated collection of tools and resources that support co-creative design and delivery of temporary use journeys in urban regeneration. After almost three years of experimentation with these practices, we have collected and systematised the insights and practical tools developed along the way, with the aim of contributing to the spread of temporary uses as viable practices to more sustainable and inclusive urban regeneration across European cities. 

You can explore the resources in different ways, for example through the main steps that we have been following in the T-Factor project, or through the meanwhile journeys developed by the T-Factor pilots. 

Toolbox per steps section

Toolbox per Steps

This route covers all the milestones to develop a temporary use project. Starts from the exploration of the context of intervention in order to deeply understand the challenges, opportunities and barriers attached, moves towards the design and implementation of prototypes and ends up with the crucial phase of monitoring and evaluating impacts.  On each step of this pathway you will find resources such as tools to map the actual ecosystem and identify key stakeholders, methodologies to co-design temporary uses with local actors and guidelines to capture and measure the added value generated. 

Toolbox in Action

The result of putting into practice the methodologies and resources of the Toolbox is collected in this section, with the temporary use journeys done by the six T-Factor Pilots.  Each of the local coalitions of T-Factor has developed concrete missions based on temporary use as drivers to respond to local challenges related to sustainability, health, wellbeing and  the quality of life of its inhabitants. The Toolbox in Action collects a timeline of the initiatives and resources created within each pilot in order to understand better how to develop meanwhile uses as an strategic tool of transformation.

The T-Factor Toolbox is based on the expertise of T-Factor Pilots, the research of the T-Factor Transformation Labs, the thematic hubs of research formed by international experts from the T-Factor consortium, and our network of allies and collaborators across Europe. The intention for this curated collection of resources is to keep on growing with new tools and insights as the project continues, and to contribute to build learning and experience with the integration of multiple perspectives and practical experiences.

Start exploring!