Deusto students present their urban nature prototypes for Zorrotzaurre

The students have designed proposals for innovative green spaces based on temporary urban planning

The students of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering presented on June 8 the prototypes that they have been developing during the last months, focused on promoting nature in urban environments. The project is part of the educational module “Resilience to climate change at the neighbourhood level”, where 44 students have worked on the design of sustainable solutions that promote urban biodiversity and help mitigate the effects of climate change at local level.

The module, which is part of the Bilbao pilot of the European T-Factor project, began with a set of lectures from international experts, where students were able to learn new strategies and methodologies for the design of sustainable urban solutions. From there, the teams worked on prototypes inspired by nature, with the support of creative professionals who work at Zorrotzaurre. The challenge was to create temporary infrastructures to foster biodiversity, but also to help improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood, creating pleasant and open public spaces.

To achieve this, during the first phase the students analyzed the needs of the neighbourhood and explored international examples of innovative green spaces that promote nature in the city in order to create more livable environments. After that, they worked on the conceptualization and development of the prototypes, creating proposals such as vertical garden columns designed to provide shade, house insect hotels, play spaces made with biomaterials and structures to harness rainwater and encourage the saving of natural resources.

Finally, the prototype selected to be developed has been Chimenea – pulmón verde (chimney – green lug), a structure that combines several of these concepts. The design consists of a vertical structure that channels rainwater to generate a self-sustaining green space where local flora and fauna can grow, along with a meeting point with benches to rest.

Over the next few months, the prototype will be developed and located in a space open to the public on the island of Zorrotzaurre.