Eco-practices and nature-based-solutions: Cities as living organisms

T-Factor is a Horizon 2020 Innovation Action aimed at exploring specific challenges regarding questions of temporary space use in urban regeneration projects.

T-factor’s T-Lab 1, focussed on Arts, Culture and Creativity, explores how communities of practice can be convened and mobilised to address such challenges with new approaches. A community of practice can be comprised of practitioners from a higher education institute or a grassroots organisation or citizens from a local community.

Through T-Lab 1 was found a range of cutting edge eco-practice across the T-Factor consortium that will also materialise through activities or as the established ecologies of the pilots. This event aims to share this expertise both between these different actors, as a community of practice and with a wider public.

In this session we’ll hear from first hand practitioners from Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and Milan about the shifting relationship between nature and urban transformation. The event will also connect the insights shared by the four represented cities with the questions and remarks from the audience.

When: November 15th, from 14:00 to 16:00 (CET)

Where: Teams – Click here to join online

For additional info and specific requests, you can join us at

14:00 – 14:10  | Welcome and Intro

14.10 | Urban Ecology – moderated by Karim Asry

14.15 | Rosalie Bak (Amsterdam – Waag).
 New approaches to Urban Ecology: the Amsterdam Science Park case.

14.30 | Andrew Belfield (London, Public Works).
 Eco-Civic Prototyping: Lessons from R-Urban Poplar

14.45 | Q&A and open discussion

15.00 |
 Coffee break

15.10 | Nature Based Solutions – moderated by Besnik Mehmeti

15.15 | Isabel Ruiz-Mallén (Barcelona,Urban Transformation and Global Change Universitat Oberta de Catalunya).
 The transformative capacities of bottom-up climate resilience strategies

15.30 | Andrea Balestrini (Milan, LAND).  
 From spaces to places: participative approaches as starters towards ecologically-sound landscape projects 

15.45 | Q&A and open discussion

15.55 | Final remarks and end of the session