Exploring Trafaria with an Itinerant Fado

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa organizes an itinerant Fado in Trafaria, unlocking the potential of cultural heritage

As part of the T-Factor project in Trafaria, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and the professor Carla Fernandes from ICNOVA organized the 31st of October an itinerant show of fado to explore the neighborhood following the rhythm of the music. The initiative aimed to unlock the transformative potential for urban regeneration of the temporary use of cultural heritage places. The objective was also to involve the local population in creative dynamics and emblematic sites representing Trafaria’s history directly related to the community.

Knowing the Fado tradition in the village, the T-Factor project offered the inhabitants an unprecedented show that integrated fado singers of Trafaria in 3 key-places of meeting points of the population: the “Verbena” (Trafaria’s Musical Society), the “Cortiço”, and the “Club” (Trafaria’s football club).

This was a rather mixed and itinerant public event-show, offered for free, including: Fado singers from Trafaria; performers to interact with the local people in the streets during the day before and some hours before the actual show in order to attract people and spread the word about the event and the respective locations. The audience included the local population as well as foreigners, from youngsters to elderly people.

Fado singer in Trafaria, Lisbon

Insights and outcomes

  • Relational: Increasing shared value, developing relationships and networks among the communities, as well as a larger awareness regarding contemporary and site-specific collaborative artistic practices.
  • Operational: preservation of communities’ intangible cultural heritage, dissolving the walls between academia and communities.