EZZ Festival, creativity flourishes in the island of Zorrozaurre

A new video collects what happened during the festival, a weekend with more than 20 activities open to the public

The island of Zorrozaurre has become one of the creative lungs of Bilbao, generating new cultural and social proposals open to all audiences. It is also the space where one of the 6 T-Factor pilots is developing.

Zorrozaurre has a strong legacy of temporary uses and a long-standing involvement of several grassroots agents and new universities. However, the pilot also faces many challenges that T-Factor will encounter. With the aim of sharing the ecosystem that inhabits the island, T-Factor organized a weekend on October 29 and 30, with more than a dozen free activities open to all audiences.

The Zorrozaurre pilot, driven by Bilbao Ekintza, Tecnalia  and Espacio Open, wanted to promote collaboration between agents on the island through this first edition of #EZZ Fest – Erribera Zorrotzaurre Zabalik.

Throughout that weekend, the island was filled with workshops, performances and tours, where the attendees took classes in skateboarding, theater, creative electronics or pattern making, among many other proposals. 400 people came to the festival to take part in more than 20 free activities.

The objective of this festival was to create new connections between the creative projects that are emerging on the island, the universities present in Zorrozaurre and Bilbao, and the general public.

The video about the festival is already online!