In urban regeneration, hardware is not enough. Cities need a software upgrade.

Hello and welcome! If you’re reading this, you may already know about T-Factor and our ambition to unlock new pathways of urban regeneration driven by people and for the people (and our planet).

‘Meanwhile spaces’ are on the rise across Europe. More and more, vacant buildings, plots and unused spaces are serving as temporary sites for co-creative experimentation, unlocking a multitude of innovative cultural, social and entrepreneurial activities. These initiatives are often key to building shared public value and to rewiring the social, cultural and economic fabrics of areas under regeneration. In many cases, they are well-positioned to become permanent fixtures, as they can prototype desired futures well before we make investment in physical infrastructures. In T-Factor, we call these temporary initiatives ‘meanwhile spaces’.

T-Factor is pioneered by an international coalition of cities, universities, businesses and grassroots organizations from 12 countries across Europe and China. We are committed to advance knowledge, practices and policies so as to turn meanwhile spaces into a strategic lever for inclusive, thriving and sustainable urban regeneration.

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T-Factor is an innovation action funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme, the most important research and innovation programme in the European Union. Research and innovation play a fundamental role within the EU strategy for inclusive growth and competitiveness, and cities are increasingly at the centre of investment in new urban development models.

In T-Factor, we work as an international community of practice to develop new knowledge, practices and policies on meanwhile or temporary uses in urban regeneration. We leverage the transformative potential of arts, culture and creativity and combine it with wide engagement and participation in placemaking to design and prototype more inclusive, sustainable and thriving uses and functions in cities.

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©Photo header: Razvi Adam.