Meet our sister projects Centrinno and HUB-IN

T-Factor is certainly not alone in its journey towards better cities. The European Commission actively supports strategic synergies and collaborations across different projects, and Centrinno and HUB-IN are our sister projects in the development of new portfolios of innovations for inclusive and sustainable cities.

CENTRINNO: A four-year research project focused on industrial historical sites undergoing transformation. It will showcase the potential of these historic areas to become part of a new industrial revolution that puts citizens at the core of a sustainable transformation. Leveraging the potential of underused historic spaces to become creative production and manufacturing hubs, Centrinno envisions sustainable and inclusive futures for the city and its residents. Centrinno will test and assess innovative strategies, approaches and solutions for urban regeneration processes in nine European cities. Action research at the neighbourhood level, the project will adopt the principles of circular economy in new urban transformation processes of industrial historic sites into productive and creative hubs.

HUB-IN: Innovation and entrepreneurship are the main drivers of urban regeneration. In Historic Urban Areas (HUAs), the key factor is to foster innovation while conserving the historic, natural, cultural and social sites. This is the aim of the EU-funded HUB-IN project. It will form a network of Hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship (Hubs) in eight HUA city partners. The next step will be to upscale resulting methods and tools. Based on 12 specific objectives, the project will start by building an ecosystem of interconnected Hubs to accelerate urban regeneration in the eight HUAs. The overall aim will be to systematically reverse trends of abandonment and neglect of historic heritage. This will result in job creation and sustainable opportunities for local traditional businesses.

Keep an eye on their progress. More news on our collaboration coming soon!


Update (22-03-22): The three sister projects Centrinno, HUB-IN and T-Factor have published Towards innovative, inclusive and creative hubs in European cities Manifesto.