Urban regenerations: Temporary uses for a participatory and inclusive transition

Manifattura Tabacchi Firenze, 28.09.2023

The Many Possible Cities festival was founded by LAMA in 2018 at Manifattura Tabacchi, with the aim of creating an open and heterogeneous space for relations and thinking about urban transformations and challenges. The festival, at its fifth edition, is a place in which to ask the why and how of urban challenges and changes, finding the answer in a multistakeholder platform, intended for professionals, operators, administrators, practitioners, students, academics and citizens with different perspectives, skills and points of view, capable of restoring meaning to complexity. Every year, the festival hosts 3 guiding themes, 3 pillars: policy, practice, inspiration, and 3 formats: talk, workshops, and extras.

On September 28, Manifattura Tabacchi Firenze will host the first policy event of the T-Factor Roadshow. Policy-makers, practitioners, researchers and other experts will gather together to discuss options and possibilities to support temporary uses as viable practices for inclusive and sustainable urban regeneration. In particular, we will discuss:

  • Policies and regulations governing temporary uses
  • Urban agencies for the reuse of abandoned or disused spaces
  • Financial instruments to support the adoption of temporary uses in urban regeneration
  • Opportunities offered by the re-use of spaces in Social Housing and Reception
  • Synergies between ESF and ERDF funding for temporary management of buildings within urban regeneration pathways


3 international keynote

__ Paul Citron, Co-founder of Plateau Urbain, President of Surface Plus Utile, Paris
__ Sophie Cottier, Project manager and Urban planner, Perspective Brussels, Brussels
__ Daniel Schnier, Member of ZwischenZeitZentrale, Bremen

PA experiences:

__ Aldo Ianniello, Director of Urban Planning, Tuscany Region
__ Valerio Barberis, Town Planning Councillor, Municipality of Prato
__ Silvia Viviani, Town Planning Councillor, Municipality of Livorno
__ Andrea Benini, Mayor of Follonica

The experiences of the private and social private sector:

__ Elena Bologna, Project manager at MIND – Milano Innovation District
__ Tancredi Attinà, CEO Abitare Toscana
__ Rossana Zaccaria, President Legacoop Abitanti
__ Lorenzo Germak, CEO Paratissima

__Moderator: Simone d’Antonio, journalist
__Introduction and Conclusions: Simone Gheri, Director of ANCI Toscana and Francesca Mazzocchi, President of LAMA Impresa Sociale


The T-Factor Roadshow in Florence also includes additional events in the afternoon: 

__Presentation of the study on the socio-cultural impact results of 5 years of temporary uses. More info

__Talk with representatives from public and private sectors (developers and real estate funds) to discuss current changes, shedding light on roles and responsibilities in urban transformation, with reference to economic and social development. More info

__A final inspiration talk to trace some possible routes to respond innovatively and effectively to the challenges of the contemporary city. More info



Aldo Ianniello, Director of Urban Planning of the Tuscany Region

The topic of urban regeneration in Tuscany:


Elena Micheloni, Public Works Office of the Municipality of Follonica

The topic of urban regeneration in the Municipality of Follonica:


Valerio Barberis, Councilor for urban planning, environment and circular economy – Municipality of Prato.

The approach to temporary uses of the Municipality of Prato:


Silvia Viviani, councilor for urban planning of the Municipality of Livorno

The role of temporary uses for the Municipality of Livorno:


Rossana Zaccaria, President of Legacoop Inhabitants
What are residents’ cooperatives and what role can they have in the transformation of cities?


Paul Citron, President of Surface Plus Useful and co-founder of Plateau Urbain, Paris
What is the purpose of Surface + Useful and how does it aim to address the housing crisis?


Sophie Cottier and Giel Vanhoutte, Project Manager of Perspective Brussels
What is the vision of Perspective Brussels? How does it support temporary employment projects?


Daniel Schnyder Member of ZwischenZeit Zentrale, Bremen

What is the vision of ZwischenZeitZentrale and how does it intend to use abandoned spaces to create new communities?