KQ CHALLENGE: Participatory Meanwhile for Inclusive Growth with T-Factor

OLD DIORAMA ARTS CENTRE | 27.03.2024, 10:00 - 16:30

The KO and T-Factor are delighted to offer a free programme of talks, panel discussions and roundtables that will provide an overview of plans for inclusive growth in and around the KQ and explore how meanwhile uses can help achieve them, from the perspectives of residents, community organisations, local government, developers and anchor institutions. 

We are asking participants to contribute to the discussion that will ultimately inform how temporary spaces are used within the KQ, and help to establish a ‘best practice’ approach for unlocking spaces for local communities and ensuring growth and development in the area is inclusive. 

Setting the scene 

The borough of Camden has high levels of deprivation and inequality, a situation made worse by the pandemic.  Camden Council’s vision, ‘We Make Camden’, seeks to make Camden a place where “everyone should be able to benefit from the wealth they have helped to create” and uses the Knowledge Quarter (KQ) – the highest concentration of cultural and knowledge-intensive organisations in Europe – to help achieve this. 

Communities in the KQ have experienced huge change and considerable disruption linked to redevelopment in and around King’s Cross and Euston, whilst not all are able to reap the benefits. 

T-Factor is an EU funded research project that explores the use of temporary spaces, to facilitate community driven initiatives that address local needs, an approach referred to as ‘participatory meanwhile’. Between 2020 and 2024 T-Factor has been working with communities and development partners at Euston to support the co-development and co-delivery of a range of projects led by local community organisations. 

This event seeks to explore how best to respond to Principle 1 of the KQ2050 Strategy that asks wider KQ anchors, developers, businesses and institutions to: 

  • Ensure meaningful participation of residents early in development schemes and in the activation and ongoing programming of spaces and activities 
  • Explore meanwhile uses for vacant or underused spaces and proactively use them to serve the community 
  • Consider how spaces and facilities could be used by local schools or community groups and work with local authorities to unlock these resources.


10:00 Setting the Scene

_Welcome. Jemima Barnes (Events Manager, Knowledge Quarter) and Andreas Lang (Placemaking Lead, Central Saint Martins, UAL) 

_Camden’s Vision for Inclusive Growth. Patrick Jones (Business Growth Manager, London Borough of Camden) 

_KQ’s Vision for Inclusive Growth. Jodie Eastwood (CEO, Knowledge Quarter)

_T-Factor Project Overview and Introduction to the Euston Pilot. Adam Thorpe (Principal Investigator, T-Factor London, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London)


11:00 T-Factor Pilot Projects

_T-Factor Pilot Project Presentation: Story Trail. Ellie Rudd (Leader of Community Champions Regents Park, Fitzrovia Youth in Action) and Daniel Pitt (Creative Director and Chief Executive, Old Diorama Arts Centre) and Sarah Nicoll (Project Producer: Stories of Regent’s Park Estate)

_T-Factor Pilot Project Presentation: Art in Everyday Life (3D Digital Archive and AR Heritage Trail). Diana Foster (Founder and Director, A Space for us – People’s Museum Somers Town) and Tom Allison (Digital Artist, Digital Markers Collective, Central Saint Martins, UAL)

_T-Factor Pilot Project Presentation: Circular Enterprise Hub. Troy Howell (Baptiste, Founder and Director, Our Little Markets CIC)


12:15 T-Factor International Case Studies

_Marseille – La Freiche de Belle Mai. Creative hub and district as a collective resource and vector of inclusive growth. Eva Riccio (Cooperation Internationale, Friche la Belle de Mai)

_Amsterdam Science Park More than human approaches to meanwhile use. Sylke van Duijnen (Project Leader, WAAG) 


13:35 Present and Future Opportunities 

_Arup: Meanwhile Strategy Presentation. Dima Zogheib (Associate Director, Integrated City Planning, Arup)

_Lendlease: Euston Development Presentation. Fiona Chilton (Senior Development Manager, Lendlease)

_British Land. Euston Tower Development Presentation. Freddie Broadhurst (Senior Social Impact Manager, British Land)


14:15 Panel Discussion

_Panel discussion exploring; principles; engagement and participation; and operational measures. Kamal Hanif (Head of Stakeholders and Communities, The Euston Partnership) and Mary-Ann Lewis (Head of Euston Regeneration, London Borough of Camden) and Joss Taylor (Head of Enterprise and Placemaking, Bow Arts) and Diana Foster (Founder and Director, A Space for us – People’s Museum Somers Town). 

Chair: Dr. Eli Hatleskog (T-Factor Research Fellow, Central Saint Martins, UAL). 


15:00 A participatory meanwhile strategy for the KQ

_Roundtable Discussion 1: Principles 

_Roundtable Discussion 2: Engagement and Participation 

_Roundtable Discussion 3: Operational Measures 

_Feedback from roundtable discussions + next steps identified 

Facilitators: T-Factor project team and KQ Team T-Factor and KQ ODAC