Il futuro degli usi temporanei da MIND alla Lombardia. Regolamentazioni e finanziamenti: sfide e opportunità

Date: 16 of November 2023 Location: MIND - MIND Pavilion Language: Italian and English

PlusValue, in collaboration with the T-Factor consortium (Politecnico di Milano, University of Milan, and LAND), as part of the European project “T-Factor,” invite public and private stakeholders to a day of discussion and debate on how temporary uses can play a strategic role in the short, medium, and long term in shaping our future.

No one can say how the climate crisis is currently affecting and will impact our lives in the future. However, the window of opportunity for action before it is too late is rapidly shrinking. Across Europe, cities are increasingly adopting climate adaptation, mitigation, and resilience policies and strategies, driven by a strong political will at the European level that is mobilizing unprecedented resources within an ambitious vision of climate neutrality rooted in beauty, sustainability, and inclusivity (National Recovery and Resilience Plans, New European Bauhaus,…).

The concept of a just transition (combining climate neutrality and social justice) is gaining momentum, becoming increasingly relevant in radically reshaping how we consume, produce, and live, in general. Nevertheless, time remains a challenge because just transitions go far beyond simply navigating long, complex, and uncertain paths and well beyond the decarbonization of heavy infrastructures. If we want truly just transitions, it is essential to address the fundamental question of what democracy means in today’s societies and how we can build collective capacity, agency, and legitimacy throughout the transition process. This makes it essential to act and intervene in entire neighborhoods, as well as individual buildings (public or private).

Terms like regeneration, requalification, and recovery express the need to breathe new life into a resource by updating its characteristics, performance, and uses to meet new needs, not only with the aim of preserving its value but also fostering innovation.


MORNING 10-13 – Regulatory and Financial Challenges and Opportunities
AFTERNOON 14.30-17.30 – Rethinking Temporary Use Governance

10-13 "Temporary Uses: Regulatory and Financial Challenges and Opportunities in Italy"

9.45 – 10 Registration
10.00 – 10.15 Welcome and Introduction
Francesco La Loggia and Valeria Soliano, PlusValue

10.15 – 10.45 Panel: “Urban Transformation, European Cities in Comparison”

Moderator: Carlo Antonelli, Journalist and Artistic Producer

  • Isabella Longo, Project Director, BIT Habitat, City of Barcelona (remote)

  • Fiona Parry Chilton, Senior Development Manager, Lendlease UK, Euston

  • Piero Pelizzaro, Director of the Office for the Regeneration of Public. Property, Agency of State Property


10.45 – 12:00 Breakout Discussion Tables (5 tables) + Coffee

12:00 – 12.35 Debrief of Key Learnings from the Tables

12.35 – 12.50 Closing Remarks and Thanks
Valeria Soliano and Francesco La Loggia, PlusValue

13 – Lunch


Guided Discussion around:

1. How does current regulation on temporary uses align with a right-based and climate-neutral regeneration? (EMBRACING CHANGE)

(30 min)

  • Positive experiences you are aware of;

  • Main challenges;

  • Discussion of alternative proposals or modifications in current regulations and policies.

2. How to combine public and private interests with suitable forms of financing/investment (Public-Private Partnerships) or new financial models or experiments (ENABLING CHANGE)

(30 min)

  • Positive experiences you are aware of;

  • Main challenges;

  • Discussion of alternative proposals or modifications in current regulations and policies.