The social capital of Zorrotzaurre’s CCI ecosystem

A geosocial data report made by Bottom-Up City visualizes the local and international networks of Zorrotzaurre’s grassroots initiatives

Geosocial Data is geo- and time- referenced data extracted from social media, with the aim of learning what people care about. As part of T-Factor’s Zorrotzaurre pilot, the startup Bottom-Up City has made an analysis of the creative and cultural ecosystem of this neighborhood, using geosocial data (social media content created and shared by local grassroots and their contacts) to get new insights. 


This activity aimed at harvesting insights about the social capital mobilizable by Zorrotzaurre and potential outreach through its creative and cultural ecosystem, while learning more about the activities boosted by local CCI (Creative and Cultural Industries). To do so, Bottom-Up City’s team analyzed Zorrotzaurre’s Instagram accounts, as well as hashtags related to CCI categories (such as music, performing arts, music, visual arts, architecture…). The researchers reached a total of 155.280 accounts and monitored more than 244.000 relations.

These are the main conclusions of the Zorrotzaurre’s Ecosystem Analysis:

  • The island of Zorrotzaurre is characterised by activities, added value and social capital in a broad spectrum of fields and orientations from Culture and Creative Industries.
  • The Zorrotzaurre ecosystem appears as diversified, complementary and thematically compatible in its activities, and bears the potential to connect different specialized fields from the area of CCI under one common, place-based and thematic brand.
  • The ecosystem seems to be highly integrated in local and regional networks, and somewhat extending into international networks.
  • The most striking limitation for the impact of the Zorrotzaurre ecosystem seems to be the absence of a common brand, channel and platform, which distributes and multiplies the communication activities on the island, and enables emergent ecosystem effects through the creation of internal critical mass as well as coherent presentation and accessibility from the outside.
Zorrotzaurre ICC ecosystem graphic

Read the full analysis, check the visualizations and learn more about the methodology used by Bottom-Up City here: