TEIA, a luminescent installation inspired in local fishermen’s nets

TEIA is a large-scale artistic installation – a metaphoric spider-web/fishing net, made of luminescent threads by the artist Victor Gama

Upon close collaboration with Angolan artist Victor Gama, last October 2nd NOVA University presented the installation TEIA, a giant net installed on the external walls of Trafaria’s prison . Conceived three years ago, the idea was to create a grand art installation visible from the river. Positioned atop the prison and extending over the fort walls, this piece was designed to be a visual homage to fishermen and commuters. 

The Trafaria region has many residents who rely on the ferry for their daily commutes to Lisbon. With this artwork, the T-Factor Lisbon local coalition aimed to offer them a captivating sight during their journeys, especially during evenings when the luminescent piece would light up. Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of spider webs and networks, and paying homage to the local fishermen’s nets, the artwork is a sprawling 10 meters in length, elevated to ensure visibility from afar. 

The proposal faced significant challenges during its installation, particularly due to inclement weather and strong winds. Victor Gama immersed himself deeply in the project planning each phase. For the final installation, two fishermen were actively involved, their expertise and engagement being invaluable, and artists from the EDA association assisted with the setup. After several weeks of work, the installation was unveiled on the 2nd of October, gathering residents, colleagues from the university, friends, and the president of the local Council to the premiere.

TEIA Installation