Towards innovative, inclusive and creative hubs in European cities

Centrinno, HUB-IN and T-Factor Manifesto

CENTRINNO, HUB-IN and T-Factor are three Horizon 2020 innovation actions committed to transform historic urban areas across Europe into hubs of entrepreneurship and socio- cultural inclusion. By collaborating as sister projects (SPs), they work as a Cluster of Innovative, Inclusive and Creative Urban Hubs, committed to advance novel approaches to the regeneration of our cities and their historical heritage, and thus contributing to the transition to resilient, inclusive and vibrant cities across Europe. 

As a Cluster, the three projects involve a total of 26 European cities. This represents a unique opportunity to test and scale up transformative regeneration across a diversity of geographies, cultures, socio-cultural capitals and connotations of heritage that make European cities unique. 

Collectively, the three SPs are committed to achieve the following results: 

• New solutions and tools for place-based innovation to re-activate and re-generate urban areas in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic. 

• Creation and densification of innovative hubs that can be replicated in other European cities, exploring new approaches to the creation of innovation hubs and alternative economic models; The role of socially innovative start-ups, cultural and creative industries, including from the digital technologies sector, small scale advanced manufacturing and local ‘makers’. 

• New methodologies and approaches for impact assessment in transformative urban regeneration, exploring novel theories of change and metrics rooted in systems thinking. 

As an ultimate result, the SPs will propel the impact of the projects’ results, by connecting 46 cities (26 city pilots + 20 follower cities) and will pave the way to a wider European Alliance of innovative, creative and inclusive cities. Through this empowered network of Hubs of Innovation and cities, the SPs will be in better conditions to test solutions and validate policy recommendations. A community of innovation actors will be mobilised through the joint actions of the three projects. Citizens will be strongly engaged and new collaboration networks across Europe will be promoted.