The local coalition of T-Factor organises a workshop on the use of wild ingredients

T-Factor hosted WILD FOOD LAB workshop by Wood*ing Wild Food Lab

MIND, Milan – 30th of April 2022

In the occasion of the “PRIMA VERA MIND”, the first general opening to the public of MIND – Milano Innovation District with two days of events, food street, and talks, the Local Coalition of T- Factor, formed by PlusValue, Politecnico di Milano, LAND and the University of Milan, organised a workshop on the use of wild ingredients for alcohol-free cocktails. The workshop was carried out by the Wood*ing Wild Food Lab, a research and experimentation laboratory in Milan. 

The main objective of the workshop was to bring people closer to one of the meanwhile activities that T-Factor will carry out in the next months, regarding Nature, Sustainability and Health. Indeed, the content of the workshop was in tune with the incoming “Herbula project”, which will consist of an herbal garden for training and educational activities valorising plants and flowers and their multiple functions, also in the health prevention perspective., 

Table with wild food ingredients, MIND workshop

The workshop consisted in learning about and tasting non-alcoholic cocktails, prepared with wild herbs, such as spruce. Tasting was preceded by an educational and interactive talk on wild flora to eat. 

The audience was heterogeneous in terms of age, from adolescents to elderly people: children accompanied by parents, young students, green and foraging enthusiasts, and a few journalists. Participants were both Italian and foreigners, with a slight majority of women. 

People showed particular interest in the educative talk, and vivid curiosity regarding the possibility to taste peculiar ingredients from the forest, which they were surprised about. Overall, it was a very engaging activity, also given by the increasing number of people gathering around the workshop area. Learning how to recognize the edible parts of some plants, where to find them, and how to pick them proved to be a way to expand knowledge and increase the understanding of Nature.

wild food lab workshop, MIND, Milan