Life Science OpenHub: An exploratory study on Open Innovation Platforms, Labs and Ecosystems

The aim of the report is to support the design of a Life Science Open Lab in MIND by bringing together the interests of all Local Coalition Members and analysing best practices around Europe on Open Innovation Ecosystems in health/healthcare, life science, biology and bio-hacking, neuroscience…. To this end 10 cases will be analysed, focusing on thematic impact, stakeholder engagement, business model, openness, type of projects and partnership aspects.

After the initial analysis a selection/prioritization of 3/4 cases will be done by the Local Coalition in order to conduct deeper interviews with selected cases.

Case studies analysed:

  • InnoLab Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)
  • Associació Hac Te – Hub d’Art, Ciència i Tecnologia (Barcelona, Spain)
  • IBBTEC OPENLAB (Cantabria, Spain)
  • Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain)
  • ZORGLAB AALST (Aalst, Belgium)
  • Oxy.gen at OpenZone (Bresso, Italy)
  • IRBM Science Park (Pomezia, Italy)
  • COMO NEXT Innovation Hub (Como, Italy)
  • BIO Industry Park (Torino, Italy)
  • Heidelberg Innovation Park (Heidelberg, Germany)