Pilot Journeys

Narratives of collaboration and prototyping in participatory meanwhile

Authors: Eli Hatleskog and Adam Thorpe, University of the Arts London

This document presents an in-depth analysis of the T-Factor pilot prototypes conducted in Amsterdam, Bilbao, Kaunas, Lisbon, London, and Milan. These prototypes were undertaken to explore innovative approaches to sustainable urban regeneration, with a particular focus on participatory meanwhile use: the creative reuse of spaces during periods of transition or redevelopment. This study provides a comprehensive examination of how each pilot city’s unique historical, cultural, and socio-economic context influenced their respective approaches to participatory meanwhile. 

Through narrative interviews with the pilots, feedback and reflections from collaborators, and causal loop diagrams, the document offers a detailed understanding of some of the complexities involved in urban regeneration processes. It explores the strategies employed by each city, the specific challenges they faced, and the best practices that emerged from their experiences. The findings from these pilot prototypes are not only critical for understanding the dynamics of urban regeneration in these cities but also provide valuable insights and transferable strategies for other cities globally facing similar challenges.