Escape to the city!

The second episode of T-Factor podcast is focused on how wild animals make urban areas their home

Contrary to what many people might think, there is a growing population of wild animals coming to cities, as urban green areas can provide a habitat for birds, reptiles, insects and even small mammals. In the second T-Factor podcast of Animal Oriented Design, the landscape architect Nicoletta Piersantelli talks with Francesco Tommasinelli, a natural scientist expert in ecosystems and biodiversity in urban areas. 

In this episode, we will be surprised to learn that animals are indicators for biodiversity in our cities;  they escape from intensive agricultural areas around cities searching for better places close to our houses and parks. Did you know that Rome is the city with the highest degree of biodiversity in Europe? Animals are actually indicators of quality in our cities. That is why we should see green areas not only as places to relax but habitats of high ecological value, connected to each other.

This episode is moderated by Nicoletta Piersantelli,landscape architect working with LAND, an international landscape consultancy with offices in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Canada.

This Podcast is produced within the H2020 project T-Factor.

Photo credits:  Polifactory and LAND.

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