T-Factor Roadshow kicks off!

As part of the aim of supporting the spread of temporary uses across European cities, during the next months T-Factor will organise local events aimed at discussing temporary uses as viable tools to boost inclusive and participatory just transitions in cities

From September onwards, 10 local events will be hosted respectively in Florence, Dortmund, Milan, London, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Kaunas, Bilbao, Lodz, and Shanghai, gathering together practitioners, researchers, activists, decision makers, developers and other stakeholders interested in exploring the possibilities for temporary uses in urban regeneration projects. The main objective of the roadshow is to discuss the key learnings of the T-Factor project, and how these can contribute to shape bold institutional agendas and policies in support of temporary uses in urban regeneration and just transitions.


First stop: Many Possible Cities, Florence

The roadshow starts on September 28 with Many Possible Cities, a festival dedicated to urban regeneration in Florence. The festival will host the first policy event of the T-Factor Roadshow, Urban regenerations: Temporary uses for a participatory and inclusive transition, where we will discuss policies and regulations on temporary use, financial instruments and opportunities offered by the re-use of spaces in urban areas.

The programme and registrations to the event in Florence are available at our Roadshow Website, where you will find the forthcoming meetings of this itinerant policy events series.